A Word From the Director 

Welcome to Christina's Dance World, where we are dedicated to fostering a unique and unparalleled dance experience rooted in love, passion, and faith. As the Director of our dance studio, I am thrilled to share with you the essence of what makes us so special.

At Christina's Dance World, we pride ourselves on providing much more than just dance instruction. We place a strong emphasis on putting God first in everything we do, creating a nurturing environment where students can not only grow as dancers but also as individuals. Our studio is a place where community thrives and where every student is embraced with warmth and acceptance.

Our talented staff is the heart and soul of our studio. They go beyond teaching dance steps; they embody love and empathy, inspiring our students to support and uplift one another. Regardless of age, we offer a diverse range of classes designed to cater to students of all levels and abilities. Additionally, we host children's tea parties with etiquette lessons, adding a touch of elegance and refinement to our offerings. Every class at Christina's Dance World incorporates a daily devotion, ensuring that spiritual growth is an integral part of the dance education we provide.

We believe that the experience and dance education we offer have the power to propel our students to new heights, both on and off the dance floor. Whether they aspire to pursue a professional career in dance or simply want to enjoy the art form as a hobby, we are committed to guiding them on their journey.

I am genuinely excited to extend a warm invitation to you and your family to join our dance community at Christina's Dance World. We look forward to the opportunity to meet you, share our passion for dance, and be a part of your student's artistic and personal growth.

Best & blessings,

 Christina Godwin 
 Director, Teacher, Choreographer 

Preschool, Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Musical Theater, Production Team & Fitness

 Keeli Rigdon 
 Gymnastics Coach 

Gymnastics & Production Team

 Ruth Ann Blackwell 
 Tap Teacher 

Adult Tap

 Jennifer West 
 Fitness Instructor


Join Christina’s Dance World and be part of an exciting internship program designed for children as young as eight years old. As an intern at our studio, you will have the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of dance and events while developing essential skills and gaining valuable experience.

Interns will have the chance to assist with a variety of tasks, including serving at tea parties, helping with dance classes, and participating in hosting birthday parties. Through these experiences, interns will have the opportunity to learn important leadership skills, cultivate character, and build confidence in a supportive and creative environment.

At Christina’s Dance World, we believe in providing young individuals with meaningful opportunities to grow and learn. Our internship program is designed to empower young minds, encourage creativity, and foster a love for dance and sharing the gospel by reading the daily devotions. Join us and embark on a journey of personal and professional development while having a great time in the studio.

If you are passionate about dance, and working with children, this internship at Christina’s Dance World is the perfect opportunity to explore your interests and expand your skill set in a welcoming and dynamic setting.

To be a student intern, you must be enrolled in classes at Christina’s Dance World.

Text Christina if you're interested: 912-399-1417

 Barbara Hull 
 Mother of Adelaide 

“Thank you for teaching Adelaide such nice table manners. We were at a fancy restaurant and our server brought her a special dessert because she was so polite.”

 Marsha Ferguson 
 Grandmother of Elin 

“This was the most organized birthday party for children I have ever seen. I love how you incorporate devotion time. It brought tears to my eyes.”

 Flo Sullivan 
 Christina's Family Friend 

“You have touched so many lives in our community. I wish you could share what you do with people all over the world.”

Christina’s Dance World Studio has a delightful and fresh atmosphere with natural sunlight, air-conditioning, two spacious dance floors, rest room/dressing room, a tea party room, cafe, costume closet, glam room, registration desk, and waiting room. It is also easily accessible for strollers and wheelchairs. We have private parking and we are conveniently located at 2601 Demere Rd, Saint Simons Island, GA 31522.